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 Darkbrother......An Undead picking flowers

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Darkbrother......An Undead picking flowers Empty
PostSubject: Darkbrother......An Undead picking flowers   Darkbrother......An Undead picking flowers Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 3:11 am


I'm a 37 year old corps that was found in the soil of Denmark and animated as an undead Warlock.

I love my demons, in particularly my FelGuard. I also love to pick flowers (Herbalism) Razz

When I'm not out doing quests, hunting down Allies or helping my fellow guildies, then I earn my gold by working in a computer-workshop where people can get help with all things like computers, graphics, digital pictures, print, poster making, computer repair etc. etc.

When it comes to raid and PvP this old lock is a noob.......never tried a raid and only very very little PvP.
But as I say.... "Man, I'm bad at this....But atleast I'm having fun".

Take care and stay good.....ehh, I mean bad.....no, I mean.....Stay loyal and respectful within the guild.

And remember......Another guildy boosted, is another Ally hunter.
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Darkbrother......An Undead picking flowers
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